Danny Angulo | 808.346.2667

"We have had the pleasure of working with Randy Brown over the past 20 years and through numerous
real estate transactions. He's represented us both on the buying and selling sides. We have also worked
with dozens of other Realtors on previous transactions and we can say that, comparatively, Randy is
highly competent, capable and an extremely talented Realtor and Broker! Randy always brings a
thorough and deep knowledge of the market (on all levels) to the conversation. Through research,
statistics/analysis, his relationships with other Realtors and sheer experience, Randy adds immense
value to each decision making step, in every sort of real estate process. He's a great salesman, while
always putting his clients best-interest ahead of 'making the deal'. He works hard to put transactions
together, that are actually win-win. From the simplest to the most complicated real estate situations,
Randy is our first choice to have on our team!"

Jeanne Pifferini | 831.227.7827

"After living in my home for almost a quarter of a century, it was a traumatic experience to have to sell.
Randy's service and professionalism, guided by his compassion, made for a smooth transition. When he
found just the right place for me to buy, he demonstrated exceptional skills in negotiation. Randy
Brown is extremely professional, reliable, patient and exceptionally honest! As a result, he and his wife
Traci have become close personal friends!"

John and LeeAnn Boland | 831.461.1663

"20 years ago, my wife and I moved to Scotts Valley area from Southern California. A few apartments
and condominiums later, we final purchased our first home in the area. Randy was the selling agent
and although it was some time ago, I remember Randy being very easy to work with and wanting to
ensure that we were happy with our purchase. Recently, when we decided it was time to look for a new
place, we were happy to know Randy was still in the business! So, we asked him to help us find a new
home, but we also needed to sell our existing home in order to move to the new one. It took us some
time to find the right place, but when we did, we quickly realized that buying and selling was no easy
task. To Randy though, it was business as usual and Randy went above and beyond in guiding us
through the process. Anyone who has gone through concurrent buying and selling can certainly
appreciate the challenges. In the end, it all worked out well, in large part, due to Randy! His
representation of us and helping us through this was nothing short of perfect."

Richard and Alexis Landsman

"Letters of recommendation usually just focus on professional skills and track record, and in this
regard Randy Brown is one of the best. But sometimes it is also the personal side that makes a
difference. This is was the case for us and we would like to share our story.
In June of 2014, my wife and I decided to move from Scotts Valley to North Carolina in preparation of
retirement. We bought a house in Cary, NC and contacted Randy to handle selling our California
home. Randy had previously worked with our friends and they gave him their highest
recommendation. After meeting him and looking at how he would approach the marketing and sale of
our home, we agreed and started preparing our home to be listed.
A few weeks later, I learned I had esophageal cancer - a very aggressive and hard to treat disease.
Luckily, one of the top hospitals in the country for treating this is Duke Cancer Center, about 30
minutes from our new home in NC. I needed to start treatment as soon as possible and as a result I left
for NC immediately. This left my wife alone in California to handle the sale and move while I went
through chemotherapy and radiation treatment at Duke. We weren't sure how we would get through
this, but there was no other choice.
This is where randy showed what an outstanding human-being he is. Over the next two months,
Randy went way beyond what anyone could reasonably expect from their real estate agent. He helped
my wife get the house ready for listing, sometimes doing some touch-up painting and other repair
work himself. When we needed a lock installed on a gate, he bought and installed one. He found us the
right people to do other work and was there constantly whenever my wife needed help or support.
To be blunt, we could not have gotten through this difficult period without him. While all this was
going on, he coordinated tow great offers on our home and we closed successfully just before the
movers came. As I write this, my wife and I are enjoying our new home in NC and I've completed my
therapy and surgery with positive results. If you are considering Randy to handle your real estate
transaction, he brings so much more to the table than just outstanding real estate skills. You may not
need him to the extent that we did, but if you do, he'll be there for you!"

Jane and Tom Griffin

"My husband and I have bought and sold many houses in 32 years of corporate transfers. We both
agree, Randy is one of the best Realtors we have had in 32 years! He went above and beyond what any
Realtor would do for his client. In addition, he sold my sister-in-laws house. I wouldn't hesitate to hire
Randy Brown again, he's a class act!"

Bill and Susan Jordan

"Several Months ago my wife and I interviewed local realtors for the roll of selling agent for our home
in Santa Cruz. After meeting Randy, talking to his past clients and learning about his background and
success in the local real estate market, we chose Randy as our listing agent. It was a very smart decision!
Randy's knowledge of local real estate markets, combined with his additional background in real estate
development and construction, helped us enormously in the marketing and sale of our home. Randy
completed a successful sales transaction for us in good time and at the right price. We couldn't be
happier with the outcome or his service. Randy is a first rate real estate professional and we recommend
him highly to anyone interested in buying or selling a home in the Santa Cruz Area!"

Greg and Jennifer Van Deusen

The real estate world is full of cookie cutter agents… not randy brown, he is a standout agent!
Randy is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market and his networking ability went a long way in ensuring that our listing received proper exposure. We have done several transactions with randy, he is always helpful, straight forward, and very professional. He will always looks after you!
We have known Randy for over 30 years, he;s not only an excellent agent, he’s a good friend. I would highly recommend Randy for any of your real estate transactions. He always has a smile and a kind word.
You are a blessing, Randy!